I dedicate this album to the memory of my beloved sister, Nazia Hassan who is forever my inspiration and guiding light.

I thank my dear wife Gina, my mother and father, my sister Zahra and my little nephew for their unconditional support and patience for the past two years while I was producing this CD. My daughters for filling my life with so much joy and happiness. My fans without whose support I could have never reached where I am today.

I would also like to thank all my musicians, my team at B&H International and everyone at Fire Records for helping me to realize this project.

For me Kismet is not only a music CD but a collection of my life experiences embodied into sound. I hope that you all enjoy listening to the album but try also to listen between the lines as I have tried to highlight many social issues that we need to address. I hope that this album inspires the listener as it did me when I was producing it.
Remember that Kismet is preordained but the choices we make are ours.

So choose your path wisely

Zoheb Hassan


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